domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Bear Attack!
Conquest and the Liars Bones (2009)

Origin: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Genre: Experimental/Metal/Hardcore

Quality: 192kbps


1. Annie Had A Bad Day

2. Blight

3. Can't Dance In Cowboy Boots

4. Collapse

5. Hanging By A Moment (Lifehouse cover)

6. Satellite Party

7. Treble Cleff Lip

A Day To Remember
Homesick (2009)

Origin: Ocala, Florida, USA

Genre: Pop Punk/Post Hardcore/Metalcore

Quality: 256 kbps


1. The Downfall Of Us All

2. My Life For Hire

3. I´m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

4. NJ Legion Iced Tea

5. Mr. Highway´s Thinking About The End

6. Have Faith In Me

7. Welcome To My Family

8. Homesick

9. Holdin´ It Down For The Underground

10. You Already Know What You Are

11. Another Song About The Weekend

12. If It Means A Lot To You

Run It Up The Flagpole (2009)

Origin: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Genre: Pop-Punk

Quality: 192kbps


1. We All Fall Down

2. Devoid (That’s What I Think About That)

3. A Collect Call to Arms

4. Rock On the Radio

5. Sucker Bait

6. Before I Wake

7. Catch-As-Catch-Can

8. Priorities Intact

9. Drop Dead

10. Expect the Worst

11. Take It From Me

Movement (2009)

Origin: Miskolc, Hungary

Genre: Experimental / Electro / New Rave

Quality: 192 kbps


1. Hello!

2. Big Break Out

3. Club Kids

4. Mess Me Up

5. Get Fucked!

6. Interlude

7. Peaktime

8. The Low Song (ft. Csegi)

9. Falling Forever

10. And Forever

11. Waiting For Days (Soundscape) [Bonus Song]

Lions Lions
From What We Believe (2009)

Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Rock/Indie

Quality: 320kbps


1. From What We Believe

2. Shades Of Separation

3. Save Your Sorry For Someone Who's Sad

4. Waves

5. Radiator

6. We Drank From The Volcano

7. Tumbling

8. Angels With Dirty Faces

9. The Knitter

10. Nothing Can Stop Us

Of Legends
Doomsday EP (2009)

Origin: Dallas, TX, USA

Genre: Hardcore/Electronica/Metal

Quality: 256 kbps


1. Death Eyes

2. Plague Survivors

3. 2012

4. The End

Brand New
Daisy (2009)

Origin: Long Island, New York, USA

Genre: Rock/Alternative/Indie

Quality: 160-320kbps


1. Vices

2. Bed

3. At the Bottom

4. Gasoline

5. You Stole

6. Be Gone

7. Sink

8. Bought a Bride

9. Daisy

10.In a Jar

11. Noro

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

Felony (2009)

Origin: New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Genre: Hardcore/Metal/Rock

Quality: 256kbps


01. Sunday Bacon

02. I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper

03. I <3>

04. Felony

05. You Sunk My Battleship

06. The Philosophy Of Time Travel

07. First Impressions

08. R2deepthroat

09. Bars In Astoria

10. Lesson From Nichole

11. Don't Be One

12. Immaculate Misconception

Breathe Electric
Emotion EP (2009)

Origin: Lake County, Illinois

Genre: Electronic/Pop/Dance

Quality: VBR


1. Emotion

2. What Would You Say

3. The Best Of All

4. Let Go

5. The Average

6. The Endless Fight

Wings Of Icarus
Myspace rips (2009)

Origin: Blacktown, AustraliaAlineación al centro

Genre: Metal/Hardcore/Screamo

Quality: 320kbps


1. Tell My Friends

2. Lets Face It, Its a Face Of

3. Shinigami

4. Don't Trust Me (3OH!3 Cover)

Paint it Black
Surrender EP (2009)

Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Genre: Hardcore/Punk/Post Hardcore

QualitAlineación al centroy: 256 kbps


1. Sacred

2. Worms

3. Cipher

4. Surrender

We Are Machine
Dream.Hope.Believe [EP] (2009)

Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA

Genre: Expiremental/Rock/Progressive

Quality: VBR


1. Waking The Machine

2. Beginning Of The End

3. Empty Pockets And Cigarette Boxes

4. Zombies!

5. Breathe

6. Digital Skyline

Hello Danger
Shark Attack Party (2009)

Origin: Jacksonville, Florida, USAlineación al centroA

Genre: Pop-Punk/Rock

Quality: VBR


1.We're Never Coming Back Home

2.You Wanted This

3.Come On Baby

4.Cool Goodbyes, Warm Hellos


6.Sex Panther

7.Favorite Color

8.Hell Dang

9.February 2nd

10.The Letdown

11.Brotona Beach Bikeweek 500

12.Our Voice

America Underwater (2009)

Origin: Hollywood, CA

Genre: Rock / Alternative

Quality: 192kbps


1. Saints And Sinners (His Story)

2. America Underwater

3. You'll Never Know

4. Think Twice (Running With Scissors Pt. 2)

5. Echoes

6. Wait To See You

7. Pants Off Dance Off

8. Come And Get It

9. Process Of Regression

10. Too Little, Too Late

Sci-fi Crimes (2009)

Origin: Chicago, Illinois, United StAlineación al centroates

Genre: Rock / Metal / Alternative

Quality: 320kbps


1. Sleep Apnea

2. Mexican Sun

3. Shameful Metaphors

4. Jars

5. Fell Into Your Shoes

6. Letter From A Thief

7. Highland’s Apparition

8. Roswell’s Spell

9. Interlewd

10. A New Momentum

11. This Circus

lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

Ghost Of Maine
Myspace Demos (2009)

Origin: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Genre: Metal/Progressive/Rock

Quality: 128kbs


1. The Healer

2. Sword Of A Thousand Truths

3. We All Float Down Here

4. Isn't That Right Mr. Scream

The Color Morale
We Al Have Demons (2009)

Origin: Rockford, Illinois, USA

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Screamo/Progressive

Quality: 192kbps


1. The Sage Of Washington Oaks

2. Close Your Eyes And Look Away

3. When One Was Desolate

4. Humannequin

5. Upon Deaf Ears

6. A Sponge In The Ocean

7. Fearfully Unafraid

8. Manumission

9. The Man Behind The Hands

10. I, The Jury

With Life In Mind
The Human Condition (2009)

Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Genre: Hardcore/Metal/Progressive

Quality: 320 kbps


1. Walking The Straight and Narrow

2. The Truth In Certainty

3. Plagued

4. The Human Condition

5. Godless Complex

In Your Arms (2009)

Origin: Netherlands, Europe

Genre: Pop Punk / Powerpop

Quality: 320kbps


1. In Your Arms

2. Forget About Me

3. Burn

4. Wake Me

The Devil Came On Horseback
Demo (2008)

Origin: Budapest, Hungary

Genre: Metal

Quality: 320 kbps


1. Respect and Honor

2. Face Obliteration

3. Cleansing a Leper

4. Mystery Exploration

5. Hermione Granger

This Is The End [EP] (2009)

Origin: Hilliard, Ohio, USA

Genre: Hardcore/Metal

Quality: 192kbps


1. Prognosticate

2. Confirmation

3. Commencement

4. Denouement

5. Annihilation

6. Desolation

Breathe Electric
Emotion EP (2009)

Origin: Lake County, Illinois

Genre: Electronic/Pop/Dance

Quality: VBR


1. Emotion

2. What Would You Say

3. The Best Of All

4. Let Go

5. The Average

6. The Endless Fight

viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Die Queen Die
My Mistress The Sea [EP] (2009)

Origin: Orange County, California, USA

Genre: Hardcore/Rock

Quality: 256kbps


1. Painting Stripes On A Horse Doesn’t Make It A Zebra

2. Fools Gold Still Shines

3. I Swore I’d Never Swear Again

4. The Lion’s Den Is No Place For A Vegetarian

5. My Mistress The Sea

As Tall As Lions
You Can't Take It With You (2009)

Origin: Long Island, New York, USA

Genre: Indie/Ambient/Rock

Quality: 128kbps


1. Circles

2. Sixes & Sevens

3. You Can't Take It With You

4. Go Easy (See the Love)

5. Duermete

6. In Case of Rapture

7. We's Been Waitin'

8. Is This Tomorrow?

9. Sleepyhead

10. The Narrows

11. Lost My Mind

Synchronized (2007)

Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Progressive/Rock/Experimental
Quality: 256 kbps
1. Beautiful
2. Sadness
3. Jewel
4. Candyland
5. Green Knees
6. Hello
7. Points of View
8. Wish It Away
9. Wounded
10. Nature's Cruelty (Mo's Song)
11. Childhood Dreams
Unsafe At Any Speed (2009)

Origin: Long Island, USA

Genre: Rock / Alternative

Quality: 192kbps


1. Vultures

2. The Bystander Effect

3. Breathe

4. Suicide Romance

5. Unsafe At Any Speed

6. Nervous

7. Save Your Savior

8. Fake The Moment

9. Novocain

10. All For You [2009]

11. Asleep At The Wheel

12. The Camera

Jonny Craig
A Dream Is A Question You Don't Know How To Answer (2009)

Origin: Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Genre: Indie/R&B/Rock

Quality: VBR


1. So Many of Us Hide Our Black Hearts

2. Istillfeelher PartIII

3. What I Would Give To Be Australian

4. I've Been Hearing That You're Freaky

5. 7 AM, 2 Bottles and the Wrong Road

6. The Garbage Pail Kid Gang Bang

7. Taking Time For All the Wrong Things

8. No Matter How Hard I Dig They Always See Right Through Me

9. I'm Jonny Craig Bitch and I Drive In Reverse!

10. Children of Divorce

Boys Will Be Boys
The Release (2009)

Origin: Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Genre: Powerpop /Pop Punk / Pop
Quality: 128 kbps
1. Jaded (Forget You)
2. Until I Leave
3. Thats Whats Up
4. Forever (Chris Brown Cover)
5. Make This Count
6. Stop Calling Me
7. Love Affair
Smash the control machine (2009)

Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA

Genre: Rock / Metal / Experimental

Quality: VBR


01. Rise, Rebel, Resist

02. Sweet Tooth

03. Smash The Control Machine

04. Head of Medusa

05. Numb & Dumb

06. Oh, So Surreal

07. Run For Cover

08. Kisses & Kerosene

09. Unveiled (3:28)

10. Ur A WMN Now

11. Serv Asat

12. Where The River Ends

13. I Remember

Adaptation (2009)

Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA

Genre: PowerPop/Electronic/Pop

Quality: 256kbps


1. Vegas

2. Wake Up On The Coast

3. Bottom Of The Ocean

4. Won’t Let You Go

5. You’ll Be Okay

6. The Time Is Right Now

7. LA

8. Girls and Alcohol

The Cassidy Scenario
Withstanding Voracity (2009)

Origin: Linz/Vienna, Austria

Genre: Hardcore/Punk/Rock

Quality: 320 kbps


1. The Arrival

2. Ghostship

3. Black Mountain, Red Sea

4. Atlantis A.D.

5. The Essential Is Hidden For The Eye

6. Chasing Memories Or Delusions

7. The Abandonment

8. Promising Heaven And Earth

9. Ruin On/Off

10. Reunion With Yourself

11. Suspire Life

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009

Modern Day Escape

City Of Rats (2009)

Origin: Orlando, Florida, USA

Genre: Screamo/Hardcore

Quality: VBR


1. The Cancer

2. Creature Among Us

3. Maybe Holding Hands Wasn’t Such A Good Idea

4. One Way To Kill A Werewolf

5. Corpse Masquerade

6. For The Horde

7. Fit For A Queen

8. Armageddon At It’s Finest

9. Let’s Get Sweaty

10. House Of Rats

Write This Down
Alarm The Alarm [EP] (2007)

Origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Genre: Screamo/Rock/Christian

Quality: VBR?


1. The Rise And Fall

2. Miller Park: Where Stars Are Born

3. She Said Boston, I Said I Knew It All Along

4. With Kings And Counselors

5. Battlefields and Benedictions

6. Relative Ease

Knives Exchanging Hands
The War Of Speech, The Weapon Of Words (2009)

Origin: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Genre: Metal/Hardcore/Rock

Quality: VBR


1. One Shall Stand One Shall Fall

2. Nothing Says Love Like Attempted Homocide

3. A Kansas City Shuffle

4. A Man Who Has Done Fine Works

5. 8 Nights of Restlessness

6. Clato, Verata, Nicto

7. The Coppertone on The PH Scale

8. The Death Of Pappy Gatmus

9. A Box Full of Lego's and Good Intentions

On The Run (2008)

Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Alineación al centroGenre: Pop Punk/Alternative/Indie

Quality: 256 kbps


1. One Mind Track, Four Track Heart

2. Dancing With The Devil

3. Sunset Beyond Black Clouds

4. 4 A.M. Conversation

5. January 19th

6. I Will Always Find You

7. Winds Of Change

8. Zechariah's Song

9. A Dream Of Form In Days Of Thought

10. Tennessee Song Part 2

11. On The Run

Destruction Of A Rose
Suspended In Time (2009)

Origin: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Genre: Metal/Hardcore/Rock

Quality: VBR


1. Elixir Vitae

2. Cries Of The Dying

3. Under Black Flags We Sail

4. We Own The Night

5. Blame It On The Alcohol

6. 5 Days From Home

The Bereaved
Daylight Deception (2009)

Origin: Askersund, Örebro län, Sweden

Genre: Metal/Thrash/Rock

Quality: VBR


1. Zero Of The Day

2. Parasite Sleep

3. Alter The Image

4. Freezing The Blood

5. Shelter Through Severence

6. Heartlight Signal

7. Cold December Night

8. Skeleton

9. Imprint Of A Star

10. An Inconvenient Lie

Take Cover

The Last Word (2009)

Origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Genre: Pop-Punk/Powerpop

Quality: VBR?


1. The whole Story

2. Resolution

3. Escape Artist

4. The Last Word

Your Memorial
Seasons (2008)

Origin: Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA

Genre: Metal/Hardcore/ProgressiveAlineación al centro

Quality: VBR?


1. Spring

2. Learn Your Lies

3. Return To Reality

4. Summer

5. Turn It All Around

6. Vanquished

7. Autumn

8. Empyrean

9. Seasons

10. Winter

11. Cease The Eliminator

I Fight Dragons
Cool Is Just A Number EP (2009)

Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Genre: Electronica/Rock/Indie

Quality: 256 kbps


1. Power Up (Intro)

2. The Faster The Treadmill…

3. Money

4. Heads Up, Hearts Down

5. No One Likes Superman Anymore

6. With You

Parkway Drive
The DVD Audio Rip (2009)

Origin: Byron Bay, Australia

Genre: Metal/Hardcore

Quality: 192kbps


01. Boneyards

02. Gimme AD0

3. Idols And Anchors

04. Carrion

05. Guns For Show, Knives For A Pro

06. The Siren Song

07. Mutiny

08. Feed ‘Em To The Pigs

09. Dead Man’s Chest

10. Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em

11. Romance Is Dead

Keeping Secrets
The Rescue (2009)

Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Christian/Screamo

Quality: 320kbps


1. Danger Will Robinson

2. The War on Deception

3.The Sacrifice

4. Cue the Sky

5. Behind the Scenes

6. Stuck in M Town

7. Rust and Rehab

8. The Gift and the Curse

9. Fire at Will

10. Closure

11. The Rescue

Snow White's Poison Bite
Drama Through Your Stereo (2009)

Origin: Castle Grayskull Joensuu Finland

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Screamo/Rock

Quality: 320 kbps


1.Glitter And Sparkle

2.The Nursery Rhyme

3.She's A Trendy Designer On Her Wrists

4.Sleeping Beauty (Acoustic)

domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Another Day Left
News Said It's Raining in New York (2008)

Origin: Ithaca, New York, USA


Quality: 256 kbps


1. Play On

2. Greetings from Nowhere

3. Talking While Taking Pictures

4. Fear Is a Man

5. Scenes from an Airport Bar

6. Summer Salvo

7. Easy Alone